• kris
    September 18th

    Well it looks like someone is putting in a lot of work over at Macarama right now. Two new videos so soon is definitely a good sign. With the KLIFGT 2012 event having gone down this past weekend the Maca crew got a traier up for their trip out to Kuala Lumpur last year.

    July 6th

    This has to be one of the best event trailers ever. Super well shot, city riding on the streets looking real fun. The coverage from KLIFGT last year made it look like a blast so you can bet this year will likely be just as sick. Kuala Lumpur has coming through with lots of good stuff as of late.

    January 9th

    This is quite possibly the coolest looking event ever. Some much cool stuff going down at one gathering with a poo ton of peeps! Might have to get to this if it goes down again this year. I think I must!

    November 7th

    Lucky ducks right here! With tall the videos popping up of Kuala I’ve been wanting to head out that way. The Maca dudes are lucky enough to be making their way out there for some fun. Stoked for ’em!