• kris
    July 13th

    A little more freestyle for your morning from LA Brakeless. I love cabs. Always and forever. Haha.

    June 27th

    Real nice mix of styles in this one. Some grindage and some nice tech bits in there. 180 bar is pretty smooth off that curb.

    November 7th

    Loving the quick bit of solid tricks. Beaver keeps ’em coming from down south.

    October 21st

    Zloggy puttin’ around with the LA Brakeless dudes. Real chill edit with some solid tricks…diggin the tunes!

    September 2nd

    Ok well same area…just two different videos from around London. The first is an unofficial trailer for a film in the works by Angus Sung of the 5th Floor. Just a mellow roaming with some friends i found enjoyable.

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    August 17th

    Beaver sent this over to me last night…pretty good duo here. Kids popping up all over making me feel old!

    August 9th

    How fresh is this spot? Holy cow.

    July 15th

    John posted up the ramp previews from LABrakeless…but im liking this summer shot. Beach, bikes and the sunset? So solid. Damn i wish i was going to be down there this weekend! Anyone from SJ/Modesto area headed to Summer Fix?

    June 20th

    LA Brakeless putting on a solid summer event…tricks, parties, rides, food and a whole lot of fun. Get to LA if you can. You know ill be trying to!

    May 27th

    La Brakelss shenanis.