• kris
    August 14th

    It’s no secret that track bike tricks are back more than ever and there’s no better better place to be these days than sunny LA. Chris here has been at it a while but this quick profile makes for a good look at the daily for someone heavy in the scene…


    March 16th

    It’s spring and it’s time to get movin’. Digging this run around LA with Kirk from FWDSET.





    January 5th

    Alonso has been stuck on two wheels for over a decade now and it truly shows in his drive. From putting in time on More Track Bike to being part of Chrome‘s Familia it’s no surprise he’s a force to be reckoned with. You can catch him lapping crits like Red Hook or simply check out the rad 2.5 minutes below!


    September 7th

    It’s all about the ingredients. This is a one hell of a rad promo featuring the Zeiss Compact Cine Zoom and a the gritty streets of LA…



    November 10th

    The friends at God & Famous have been working with LA bag brand Road Runner for some time now. The brand’s Brad Adams made his way to NYC so naturally a little cruisin’ and some photos were in order. Pop over for some words and a nice look at this Specialized Crux CX rig here!


    August 18th

    A massive pile up at last weekend’s Wolfpack Hustle crit left a huge chunk of the group tangled just after the start. This quick one from GLK is about as close as you can get without hitting the asphalt. Hit Wolfpack for all the post race coverage!



    June 30th

    Can always expect something awesome from The Sleepers and this feature following CBNC’s Alain is spot on. He’s off to new adventures in France but leaving this rad send off as he treks around the city one last time…



    June 12th

    Leader finished up their rider video series this week with the one and only Alonso Tal. No stranger to the scene and a familiar face at races Alonso has long proven himself on the streets of LA. He’s a stand up dude with a proper project in MORE that’s surely worth popping over to after the credit roll!



    April 13th

    It’s been a bit since something new from the wizard himself Mike Chacon. He’s still mixing in some of that tarck style into his riding with a few hammers in there as well. Pretty big bar to cap it off at one of the more famous LA spots os of late!



    April 7th

    Hit the streets of LA in this read bit featuring Aventon‘s newest track machine the Diamond. Stepping up their game a bit with carbon accessories and diamond shaped tubing aimed to cut down on flex when you’re really cranking. Pop over to their spot to peep the details and find your closest dealer to swoop. They definitely nailed it with the production on this one!