• kris
    April 18th

    A couple weeks back while while out filming with some of the dude for CFTY 2 I snapped my Spike bars. They were a bit bent already and had taken a beating so it wasn’t too surprising but a bit of a bummer that i’d be out of comish all day. Lucky for me Johnny Coward is a solid dude and had these in his car to let me roll with. He said that these are prototypes of something to come from LDG and so far I dig how they ride. Feel stiff and look rad as fuck.


    January 31st

    Matt Lingo got a little space in hit new place to set up a studio. Since then he’s been working on all sorts off cool photo setups with some of the results below. I like Mike‘s portrait and that LDG shot but there’s a bunch more portraits and product shots on Recfail. All real sick.


    October 1st

    You know I have to help out my boy Jakob on getting the word out about this. This is going to be one epic roadtrip for him and definitely a life changing experience. 8000 miles driving around the country meeting up with riders and hitting brand new spots. Sounds like a dream. Sounds like way better version of a lockedcog trip thats coming up. Jealous ha. But yeah I’m really stoked for J to be doing this as should you be since he’ll be making a dope DVD and compiling pictures of the trip for us to see! Peep the flier and info below. If you’re interested in helping him out in any way leave a comment here and I’ll make sure it gets to him or hit his email at jakob@ldgruppe.com.


    “During the months of October and November, I will be traveling across the USA in a tour van, making stops in major cities along the way. I will be meeting and riding with local guys, and the entire trip will be documented and filmed. After the tour, I’ll be compiling and editing the “Fixed America” footage, and releasing it on DVD / Digital Download format.

     Throughout the trip I will be releasing 7-10 photos per week along with a teaser edit each week. Showcasing the cities i have stopped in and the tour itself.

    Each city that I stop in i plan to capture as much footage as possible not only in street spots, but in skateparks as well. Starting in Huntington Beach, Ca i will make my first stop at the Hurley Campus to film at their private facility then make my way to Arizona. From Arizona i will make  to Salt Lake City my way through New Mexico to Austin, Texas. From Texas i will make my way to Jacksonville, Florida and everywhere in between. From Florida i will make my way to New York and Philadelphia Penn. From Penn i would be making my way to Washington stopping everywhere in between. Then coming from Washington through Oregon stopping in Portland to make my way back to San Jose Ca then home to Huntington Beach Ca.”


    April 25th

    Peeped these shots of Jason’s custom paint LDG on the Macaframa bloggy just now. This is the whip you’ll see him on this weekend at Ride and Style. I’ve always had a soft spot for fade paint jobs…rocked a few myself. Looks clean!

    February 29th

    Joe is hands down one of the sickest dudes riding FGFS. Completely killing it with his unique and smooth ass style. This got me way stoked to go ride. Like whoa.

    February 21st

    Matt posted this up tonight…really need to check this! Joe is getting it done right now in the fixed freestyle game. Such a unique style and a huge bag of tricks. Here’s his farewell form Unknown as he finds a place over on LDG.

    December 28th

    Forest stepping up his game with this one! Dude you got some massive bunny hops in there. Stoked on the hydrant too…i just found a similar setup down the street from my house. Good stuff! I’m sure LDG is stoked on it.

    December 7th

    Jakob getting down for LDG. Homies got it like no other. So good Dig this one duder! Always stripping hahaha.

    July 6th

    Josh did an amazing job on this thing. There were some Hurley bikes that LDG did up last year but this one is by far more purdy in my opinion. There’s more photos and the official press release on the LDG blog

    June 24th

    This should have been up yesterday. If you haven’t seen these bad boys yet check em. Livery pays such close attention to detail and it really makes a huge difference. The dropouts, the tensioners, the gussets…it all came out awesome.