• kris
    April 28th

    Having just launched the newest collection of Commuter the friends at Levi’s shot over some of their new denim for us to try. With Sacramento’s already warm weather I’m stoked on a pair of the 541 shorts while Chris snagged some of their staple trousers. Look for more to come after we put in some time on the pavement!



    March 15th

    Great visuals in this Spring/Summer teaser for the new good from Levi’s Commuter. They’ve stepped it up making the goods more waterproof and more reflective so everyone can see just how comfortable you are. I’ve got some samples on the way to stay tuned for a closer look in the coming weeks…until then check this!


    July 30th

    To help promote the fall 2013 Commuter line and give you more than a sneak peek of the goods Levi’s is launching the Go To Work tour. Definitely one of the best urban cycling campaigns I’ve seen complete with free tailoring and tuneups via the mobile Commuter Shop. They’re making 6 stops across the country starting in Portland next week and finishing up cross country in Brooklyn NYC. Everyone loves free stuff plus you get a sneak peek of the new Commuter goods out before they hit the shelves. Well worth making it out if they’re hitting a city near you so get hop to it. Video below for this came out real nice as well. Look for more about Commuter on here soon!





    March 14th

    Hypebeast has the 2013 Levis’ Commuter lookbook up right meow. You can bet these bit will be just as successful as they have been thus far despite some people complaining about the functionality of the line. This stuff looks good and its a hell of a lot easier to swoop some Commuter stuff than it is to buy ScotchGuard, 3m reflective tape and extra fabric to create something similar. I dig these and will certainly be picking up some new pantaloons…need some fresh ones! Peep the whole lookbook on Hypebeasttt.