• kris
    December 28th

    Forest stepping up his game with this one! Dude you got some massive bunny hops in there. Stoked on the hydrant too…i just found a similar setup down the street from my house. Good stuff! I’m sure LDG is stoked on it.

    December 7th

    Jakob getting down for LDG. Homies got it like no other. So good Dig this one duder! Always stripping hahaha.

    July 6th

    Josh did an amazing job on this thing. There were some Hurley bikes that LDG did up last year but this one is by far more purdy in my opinion. There’s more photos and the official press release on the LDG blog

    June 24th

    This should have been up yesterday. If you haven’t seen these bad boys yet check em. Livery pays such close attention to detail and it really makes a huge difference. The dropouts, the tensioners, the gussets…it all came out awesome.

    February 23rd

    Caught these on LDG this morning…Brand and Santos putting the LDG Kaos frame to work. That rail hop is so fresh!