• kris
    April 5th

    Kareem uploaded this a few hours ago and man am I pumped to catch this! You know this is going to be a solid tour video with the crew that went along. Loose Nuts is holding it down coast to coast with a dope team! I see some bangin tricks that are going to be in the Safari vid…drop it already!

    July 20th

    In case you didn’t know Kareem’s newest creation is in and is up in the Loose Nuts store to snag. I just got the confirmation yesterday that I’ve got a venue here in Sac to premiere for the Lockedcog 3 year anniversary next month. Its going to be part of a wild event with an alleycat, trick comp, video premiere, fashion show and after party. A bunch of creative types are coming together to make this event pop off. Details are going to be coming out real quick so stay tuned!

    June 14th

    To celebrate their one year and the release of their video Big Money Hustlaz Loose Nuts got these Hold Fasts done up and fresh tees on the way. Both are looking sick and I so wish I could get out there for the event. Its gonna go off!

    June 2nd

    Saw this baby from Kareem at Midwest…everyone was stoked on it for sure. I really like the idea of a shop video for fixed freestyle. I remember those being some of the best skate and blade videos back in the day. Loose Nuts should be holding it down in this one with Kareem, Torey, Jensen and Lamarche wrecking stuff. I remember being in Atlanta last year when Loose Nuts opened up and am super stoked for these guys to be keeping it up a year later. If you’re out that way swing by their anniversary party…Kareem won’t disappoint. If you’re looking to score free shipping on the DVD preoder that bad larry here

    March 7th

    Kareem has been hard at work on their Loose Nuts video and with filming comes extra footage. This didnt make the cut for the piece but its still got some solid stuff in it. That rail at the end is the one i ended destroying myself and my bike on on the Cultur trip last summer. Ha. Think i saw this on Zlog first…but its all over.

    November 29th

    Havent seen much from Blaq in a while…until i popped over to Pedal Consumption a few minutes ago. Looks like they have a few new products popping out just in time for the holidays. Two new straps, the K-Rab and a new platform version, and a new hip pouch. The K-rab straps came together with the help of Kareem at Loose Nuts…maybe the name is a play on Kareem’s name? The Mini You hip pouch was worked on with PC which is why it looks a bit like their new pouches. Stuff is looking real good!

    November 21st

    After reading the title a few times i decided to change it…hahaha.

    Such a good shot as the dudes film for the Loose Nuts video!

    November 19th

    Kareem pieced this pretty little thing together as a homage to the ill fated Watermelon 4Loko. Not going to lie…i love the way this thing looks. Ive been a fan of the Mordecai’s for a while now and this setup is solidly flashy. Looks awesome duder!

    Frame: Leader Mordecai 55cm Celeste
    Wheels: Purple 26″ Halo SAS Rims to Stolen roulette and All City New Sheriff
    Cranks: Eighth Inch BMX Splined 160mm
    Pedals: Shadow Conspiracy Ravager Purps
    Straps: Death Pedal Protos
    BB: Animal Mid BB
    Sprocket: Tree 33t
    Tires: Pink Halo Twinrails
    Stem: Gusset
    Seat: Animal Pivotal
    Seatpost: Macneil 27.2 Pivotal
    Bars: Gusset Open Prison
    Grips: MKE

    November 10th

    Finally some footage Kareem put up from the Loose Nuts comp that went down last month. Looks like a killer time…some fresh stuff went down for sure.