• Chris Yang
    January 1st

    The first post in 2017 gives to my Korean dude Jack, who recently spent some days riding and exploring in Taipei City. 2016 is a hell of the year but only riding bikes keeps us motivated! I’ve been a fan of Low Bicycles for a long time and got amazed by his dope Track Standard Massan’s colorway build. I think we will see fewer and fewer Track Standard frames coming from the factory in the following years!


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    Chris Yang
    September 26th

    I’ve been knowing my Korean dude Jack for some time now and recently the dude is getting crazier on his ride! Changing from Cinelli Parallax to his new track machine Low Bicycles Track Standard, the color is the same as Massan’s Low. Speaking frankly, Low Bicycles may not be the best track frame or the most expensive frame in the world, however, it’s always fascinating and worth looking at! I guess people who love those kind of aggressive style and SF scene would dig into this masterpiece from Andrew! Stoked to see Jack bombing around Seoul!


    Pics by Rex



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    Chris Yang
    August 3rd

    I’ve been working on the project “Midnight City” for some time and now it’s stoked for the final countdown of our teaser. Stay tuned!


    Mid Cinematic Overlay.00_00_41_10.Still001

    Chris Yang
    June 28th

    I’ve been looking for some waist chain locks for some time and always amazed by the products from Hiplok! Huge thanks to them for sending their proud lock for our test product review. Hiplok combines the concept of adjustable belt with chain lock, which makes it easy to loosen and tighten. For riders in Taipei City, sometimes it’s hard to lock the bike to a pole with a small U-lock. Hiplok wearable bike lock helps the cyclists easily and quickly lock their bikes and…the most important of all, it gives you more safety.


    The Hiplok Gold Superbright features a highly reflective sleeve, giving maximum visibility when riding on the streets at night! If you are a messenger, this lock definitely suits you! For more info. head to their website and check out more details of Gold Superbright! Get your bike locked safely and buy more time!



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    Chris Yang
    April 16th

    It’s been a few months since I came back from my lovely second hometown Sacramento last year…met up with some new and old homies, especially the real dude behind Lockedcog, Kris Fay. I got this set of Knog Pop Duo Bike Lights from him but never really had an opportunity to have them shot! Special thanks to my friend again, Y.C Tang, for running our night time experiment!


    The light itself, apparently, is not their brightest model in the category…but I think it’s actually good enough for urban riders like me. It comes with 5 different light modes and the visibility at distances is over 1000 meters. Like other lights of Knog, it comes with the quick release mounting so that you won’t even need 5 seconds to set them up! Overall, as far as I am concerned, this set of lights is great for the rider who commutes in the city. If you are going to climb some hills at night with low light and low visibility, I recommend you to get a higher level, which is the brighter one! Anyway, I’m still stoked to see the outcomes of these photos from my boy!


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