• kris
    January 17th

    From my introduction to “urban cycling” years back the name Lucas Brunelle has always been a relevant one. After years on the road as a messenger he’s now making two wheeled films full time and traveling to all corners of the world. Personally Lucas is the epitome of a “DIY” lifestyle proving that it’s not what you do but what you love that matters. If you dig a good read there’s a rad interview on Brian Safa‘s spot that goes a bit deeper than the norm go peep!




    September 18th

    If you’re going to send a few dudes on an epic bike adventure who better to send than two pro messengers and and epic film maker. Follow Lucas Brunelle, Chas Christiansen and Austin Horse as they explore deep into Panama riding the Darian Gap to Bogota Columbia. Machetes in hand they rip through the jungle eventually emerging tired but with a damn good story to tell. Well worth a watch…some bike tripping sounds epic right now. Peep their two wheel ATV’s right here


    November 27th

    People wonder why riding in traffic is so appealing. Pretty much. This. CMWC 2014 in Mexico City. Going to be nutty.



    (I’d like to say I’d be into racing this…but I’d probably kill myself.)



    April 11th

    Lucas Brunelle should need no introduction. You should also know that he’s a beast on a bike as shown in this shot from Federico Stanzani. NYC police skitching is next level…but from a dude that’s ridden bikes underwater it just seems right. Not sure if these have been around as I just spotted them but there’s more rad flicks on Stanzani’s spot!


    June 12th

    Caught this on Prolly’s spot earlier and have to repost it. After all the sneak peeks and other Brunelle pieces this still looks beyond sick. Can’t wait to see the final product of this!

    January 31st

    Yes! Yes! Yes!