• kris
    January 9th

    Been waiting for this little piece to drop for a while now. K Birdie kept teasing us with screen shots and trailers and at last you can peep the new Machete web bit. Really did the style and editing of this…can tell they spent some time on it. Lots of chill riding from all the dudes! I support these dudes because they’re supporting the sport pretty damn hard. So good.

    January 2nd

    K Birdie with a little preview of something to come. Machete crew rides hard so you know that they’ll be bringing us something proper. Be sick if we could see some of the dudes repping from the states in the mix!


    October 24th

    If you’re looking for something fresh to get you micro gear game on Machete has come to the rescue and dropped their Deaf hubs at last. Like I said before these are some of the nicest looking driver hubs for FGFS on the market. Dope colors and a selectionof 9t or 10t means you can definitely make this work. I’m considering building up a true 26″ freestlye build so I might have to pick one of these up. Get rollin here.

    September 14th

    A little piece from Phil Will for the Machete contest as well. Pretty cool to see his style change with this new project. Dope spots as usual. More on Sesh Kult!

    September 14th

    I’m really into these Machete edits right now. People are throwing together some good stuff for the contest and Christian’s edit right here is solid one. That bump up looks real sick!

    September 13th

    Here’s another one for the Machete contest from Peter Chen. Saw this kid ride at Man Up and and was pretty impressed. Solid lines and a rail feeble 180 that looks pretty good.

    September 12th

    Here’s a couple more quick clips for the Machete contest. Dylan with a wild edited one mixed with some solid tricks. Trippy mayne.

    The second is from Michael G with some parking lot fun.

    September 6th

    In case you were wondering what you needed to toss at the Machete crew to win their new bars here’s an example from the man K Birdie himself. Now get out there and shoot some stuff to submit! Looks like I have a new trick to go learn too haha. Dig those one footed whips.

    This video is just for demo showing how the edit should be for this small contest.
    You can shoot various shot , combo , line you want just under 45 seconds.
    Including Machete Bike Logo and web address as below:
    Deadline will be 16. September,2012.
    Lets join and have fun people!

    August 15th

    This is dope! Machete founder K Birdie and rider Chu along with their homie Mo bringing us some chill vibes. Some super dope spots in there and sick to see K in a video. Products are looking good so stay on Machete!

    July 30th

    We’ve slowly seen companies stepping up to fill the demand for fixed driver hubs and Machete is the latest to do so. Looks like they’ll have their clean looking DEAF driver hubs out next month. Caught this tucked into Christian Hamrick’s welcome post on Machete and was stoked to see somemone else stepping into the micro drive game. I haven’t really spent much time on a driver hub with such small gearing so I’ll have to give it a try here soon!