January 30th

The homie Kenny Arimoto aka Deadwood announced today that there will be a second Man Up!  FGFS event.  I was out at the last one and despite some issues with the cops it was a hell of an event. Peep some video from the first one below and check back for more on this…you can bet we’ll be there.



September 4th

There’s likely to be edits trickling out from this for a while. And with good reason. This was one stellar event and definitely set the bar for street comps in the future. Big tricks at big spots with a ton of people out to support. Hopefully you caught the little edit I made. Now check these!

Mon‘s dope bit. Looks as good as his new bike. Which is good duh.

Some 5ONIT coverage from hellastoop. These dudes showed up in numbers and threw down.

Anddd one from Daniel Le.

with a qucik SHMOB clipper of Dawson and his huge bar to round it out.