• kris
    January 3rd

    Ive long been a fan of the Chicago based Maps & Atlases for their blend of math/pop/indie business. Their 2006 “Trees, Swallows, Houses” had me hooked and i’ve been a fan of their upbeat tunes ever since. If you’re into Tera Melos there’s a real good chance you’ll dig these dudes too (and likely already have heard of them). As their albums have progressed their sound has gotten a little cleaner and a little less “mathy” but its all still there and perfect for rolling around to.

    (Note: Watch ’em all…you probably won’t be disappointed :))

    Id have to say my favorite song (if i must) off “Trees” has to be The Ongoing Horrible for which this video was done a bit back…i seriously get chills watching it sometimes haha. Love the guitar work.

    Ted Zancha (below) off their second album is solid though i think Artichokes is probably my favorite off that bit…which can be seen here.
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