• kris
    June 26th

    Looks like Jahrome form Mashafix has a little video project he’s been working on. Stoked to see some hill bombing in the city again and who better to do it than Jason? Real sick teaser right here for what’s to come!

    June 12th

    Oh man do I need to check this asap! This project has had me excited since it first popped up. A video magazine of fixed freestyle is beyond sick. To me this definitely legitimizes the sport a bit more…not that it really needed it at this point. I really hope Can’t Fool the Youth sticks around for a bit as I’m positive its definitely welcomed by all. Mashafix bringing the coverage for those of us that couldn’t make it!

    Mashafix.com presents – CAN’T FOOL THE YOUTH vidoe magazine primere – MAY 26 at LDG from Mashafix.com on Vimeo.

    February 15th

    Some really good stuff form Mashafix that’ll get you wanting to shred no doubt! Sick hits from Santo, Congo and Mckeag as they cruise the LBC and some fun little spots. Pretty stoked on this one.