• kris
    October 14th

    Sean Martin and Alonso Tal, and Massan were on site with MOBB Atlanta to host this year’s Samurai Hill checkpoint race. A solid turnout and a good deal of maneuvering ATL looks to have made for a proper street battle. Take a peek into what a bike race should look like…we need more of this!


    December 14th

    Posted about the live release of this a couple days back and definitely caught it today. Here’s the Chrome Barrage flick featuring Massan shredding up north. Some rad Portland visuals and obviously solid riding. Dig it. More on Chrome!



    December 11th

    Looks like Massan took a trip up to Portland recently to put in some work for Chrome. He took their Barrage for a ride through a city capped off with 40+ mph decent down Burnside. The actual 3 minute flick premieres on the Chrome site this Friday from 12:00 to 12:03 PST. Judging by the few clips in this trailer I’d say it’s well worth tuning in!



    May 20th

    A little inspiration from that recent Massan flick in this Griffith Park hill run. Looks like a solid decent despite getting stuck behind that slow ass Volvo. Dig seeing more stuff like this as of late. Must be the weatherrr.


    May 14th

    New stuff from the Maca dudes with Massan and man has it been a while. Some hill stuff with some creative editing on a cop in the crowd ha. Dig this good way to start the morning. Want moarrrr.


    February 26th

    I’m digging this Streets of Chrome page on Youtube lately. They’ve been dropping some cool media on there and now this Familia piece with all the Chrome sponsored dudes riding NYC. Cards with a cool concept linking the dudes together in this. Ed‘s got a bit 3 in there that is still sick even though this is from a year agooo. Good stuff.



    September 26th

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and saw LOW frames are some f the hottest track frames on the market. It’s a pretty short limb because they’re obviously real sick. The Maca dudes teamed up with Andrew Low to create this dope little piece. You’re just going to have to watch Massan get buck in this because its that good.

    April 27th

    Here’s one sick press release from Chrome welcoming him to the Chrome Familia!

    (April 27, 2012) San Francisco, CA – Chrome Industries is proud to announce the addition of Massan to the Chrome Familia. Hailing from Oakland, raised in San Francisco and now a finding himself at a new dwelling in the concrete playground of New York City, Massan has been a terror on the streets with his track bike for over ten years. He attacks the urban terrain like a cheetah stalking his prey with fluid precision and the control of a marksman. There’s not much else you can say about his style other than jaw dropping and his video parts online prove it. Not one to be satisfied by a single passion, Massan’s prowess extends beyond the bike where you can find his second talent as a skilled photographer. On and off the bike, Massan creates.

    Be on the look out this weekend as Massan makes his first appearance as a Chrome Familia member at Red Bull Ride & Style contest in San Francisco, CA, where he will compete in the track portion of the contest. If you roll to the contest, it’s worth wathcing the crowds’ jaws drop as he rolls by like a flash of reckless abandonment.

    June 2nd

    I love photo print tees…and black and white photos…these jams from Chari and Co. are so nice.

    March 22nd

    This things been on ice for a bit and now its finally up to see! Shot by colin and colby of Macaframa for Leader. Spotted on twitter after Dan posted it up on DNA fixed gear.