• kris
    December 3rd

    Matt’s been shredding his BMX bike these days but had these leftovers sitting on his computer. Some rad stuff in here and definitely the best feeble pro 5s I’ve seen. This was a “farewell” edit…glad he changed that title. Dig it.



    October 23rd

    Caught this one of Matt Montoya doing it for Halloway last night. Have to give it to to Matt for not just killing it on a FGFS ride but getting way dialed on his 20″ too. This came out real nice. Pro 5 180 and those fakie hops are too clean.



    August 27th

    Some fresh cell footage from some of the dudes down in San Jose. Good to see Montoya on a freestyle bike again lately plus those Plaza lines from Combs and Blanco are pretty legit. Can’t remember the last time I was down riding SJ…need to get back.




    July 23rd

    Since Matt’s doing a little recovering right now he decided to up some clips that he’s been sitting on. Some super sick stuff in this one…those hang 5s are so dialed. For some stuff “on the side” this is a dope little park edit. Get better dude!

    April 13th

    Matt looking steezy with these hand fives! I have enough trouble with them on flat I’d probably rack the hell out of my cash and prizes if I tried hoping into them. A couple seriously sick clips…and I like the “Andriod” instead of iPhone title haha. Dope!

    January 6th

    Some fresh stuff of Devon at Mayfair. This park looks so fun and flowy its ridiculous. Devon’s bars are still some of the cleanest in the game…snappy. Dig this.

    December 23rd

    Alex Blanco, Matt Montoya, Ed Wonka and Mike Schmitt putting in some work at the Mayfair park. Some real solid tricks in this one. Check it!