• kris
    February 9th

    Mayhem Fixed has been picking up lots of momentum lately and now are turning things upside down…literally. This one tripped me out a bit this morning and I’m definitely digging the effects. Look for more video from them soon as they wrap things up!



    April 24th

    Always cool when a new brand steps into the game and delivers. Seen a little bit of  stuff from these dudes before and digging this newest promo. Just havin’ some fun.



    April 24th

    So… I’m going to start doing a few bike checks, for shits, out here in Colorado. There’s a few nice one’s lurking around so we’ll see how it goes. To kick off the bike checking, I bring you my daily ride. I’ve had this guy for about ten months now and have been putting down around two hundred miles a week since I pieced it together out of a QBP catalog. All City promised they would fit 32c cross tires and they did not disappoint. A friend I work with bought a 56cm and had complained about toe overlap so I bumped up to the larger fitting 58cm (hence the shorty stem) and guess what… no overlap bitches. This bike lives for the days that others are hung up due to inclement weather. Go on, eat your heart out.

    All City Big Block
    Miche Pistard Wheelset
    Omnium Cranks
    Dura Ace 49t chainring
    EAI Superstar 15t cog
    Izumi V Chain
    Thomson Seatpost and Stem
    3T ergonova bars
    Ritchey Pro Stream Saddle
    Chris King Headset and Bottom Bracket
    Kenda Small Block Eight 32c tires

    March 3rd

    Last year when we had the Discovery Crit here in Sac a couple of dudes showed up blew everyone away. Nobody knew who they were, where they were from or how they managed to make it to Sacramento. Maybe it was just me but I was stoked to see some guys dedicated to what they do traveling to hit races. After taking podiums at that race I stayed in contact with Jeff and Jeffery of team Mayhem once back in their hometown of Colorado. Turns out this year they’re hitting even more races and making another trip back to Sac before hitting the Wolfpack Hustle Crash race down in  LA. These dudes are putting in work and I’m stoked to bring them in for a bit as they travel to cover the races they hit. They can party just as hard as they ride their bikes so though the post may be few…I’m sure they’ll be sick! Jeff drops his first post of the season below…track bikes in the snow not giving a shittt. Looks fun.



    Here’s the latest video from your boys in Colorado, Team Mayhem. Rain, snow, shine… you’d even see us riding bikes during the apocalypse.