• kris
    April 18th

    With how rad Fyxation’s mesa 61’s are its no surprise that they’d want to offer some more options for them. They’ve decided to try out some new body, spindle and pin colors to keep things interesting. Look for more on thee from Fyxation. I posted up a review of these things recently so check that if you’re looking to cop.




    April 11th

    Been a minute since I’ve had a fresh review on here so luckily the dudes at Fyxation came through with something to beat up a few months back. I’ve had the Mesa 61s on my bike for about three months now and have been nothing but impressed with how they’ve held up. They’ve performed well on every level despite looking like they’ve been in a bar fight. Nothing short of a solid pedal. Click through for the whole bittt.


    Pedal Body:


    Being that I ran thee with no straps left the whole pedal open to impacts. These plenty of scratches and dents in the bodies from throwing my bike, bailing and obviously grinding all kinds of shit with and without pegs. That being said they still feel and work well with most of the damage being merely cosmetic. The only thing that might be a problem (and I haven’t tried yet) is breaking down the pedal to replace parts as the allen holes on the end caps are pretty worked…though I expected this as well considering how hard I am on my bike every day.



    (drive side)

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    January 18th

    Oh how I’ve been wanting something like these Mesa 61s from Fyxation. Since I’m rolling strapless I really depend on the pedal pins to keep my feet locked on. After going through pair after pair of plastic pedals I’m going to have to grab these. Thin, strong and damn clean looking. They’re a bit pricey at about $100 but I’m sure they’ll last long enough to be worth it. Do want. They just dropped online so get ’em here! Scott Nogrady with some solid photos too.