• kris
    June 8th

    With the weekend on approach it’s just about time to grab those Hawaiian shirts and a cold one and get chillin’. Joe putting this bus back in service for a few on some end of day runs yesterday.



    August 17th

    With time to spare before the end of day runs, Henry and I made a quick stop by a popular dive on the way. Though the bar isn’t a family front it is well known for taking care of business. This alley is a bit of a shortcut but usually a tad crowded…



    IMG_9778-01 (1)




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    January 25th

    A proper time lapse from Brian Wagner as he makes his rounds through Mexico City. Apparently this was a rather mellow day for him but cool to see the day-to-day nonetheless! Always some good messenger/race content over on his spot DVNT Line so be sure to pop over to check it.



    January 11th

    It’s been raining pretty consistently here in Cap City the past couple weeks so a break in the weather was more than welcomed. With the streets still wet a few of us took to the streets after the days runs for a little fun. Stoked to get using the new GoPro and working on a little work day edit started. Here’s a screen of my dude Greg moving down J street…more soon!


    December 9th

    Spotted this retro goodness over on FHTN529 and had to share. Follow some old school messengers from Toronto as they head to Berlin for the 1993 World Bicycle Messenger Champs. Can’t get enough of this especially with the infamous X-Men on scene…


    November 4th

    Track or Die out for a day of deliveries with the One Wheel Wonder. Getting down in the New York traffic and on a freewheel at that! Digging the TOD stuff as of late so be sure to keep up with these dudes!


    November 2nd

    Having spent the last four years on the road I’m always up for supporting new messenger ventures. The friends at Nashional Courier just put together this fun one to promote their new business delivering grub in Long Beach. With over 1000 deliveries in the first month looks like these dudes are keeping it fun while they’re at it!


    August 10th

    It’s refreshing to see people out living their dream finding what fulfils them in life. Johnny here has been on the scene representing Dublin for near a decade now enjoying life on two wheels as a messenger. This peek into his life from Funked Up is full of good vibes…


    June 25th

    Safe to say it’s been hot a hell this week here in Sacramento with no sign of letting up. Heat or no heat we’re still out there moving those papers!



    May 28th

    Always into a proper piece on messenger culture and this one with NYC’s Hiromi Bruni nails it. A true to life story of what it’s like to work on your bike from someone out making a living doing just that. Can’t get more real than this…and a look at cruising New York streets is always fresh!