• kris
    January 12th

    With the holidays and a few birthdays in the rear view at last we’re ready to charge into 2017 full speed ahead. With some new blood on the site of the many things on our plate this year is planning some races. This flick of the recent Conocat Alleycat just got me stoked to get down to business. Click play and stay tuned for some heavy updates from us here!


    August 25th

    Miami looks way cooler than Sacramento but I’m still diggin’ this quick clip for Neighborhood Courier. Nothing like some monday morning runs to start the week…



    December 21st

    Emerge Miami from Megan Campbell on Vimeo.

    Emerge Miami is an organization that prides itself on strengthening social bonds between individuals in the Miami community all while trying to save the environment by bicycling their way to a cleaner earth. The group teams up with several organizations including One Sky and Bike Miami Days to promote their goals. The group holds several rides a month including Critical Mass Rides and Bike Miami Days. Adam Schachner, a long time Emerge Miami member, tells us why the group is important, how it is evolving and the little things we can do to make this world a better place to live in. We can track our own success by calculating our carbon footprints. These footprints reflect the damage we are doing to the environment from our carbon gas emissions due to trash build-up, the cars we depend on and many other sources you wouldn’t even think of. Go to carbonfootprint.com to track your print on the Earth.

    Via: miamibikescene.blogspot.com

    October 25th

    October 4th