• kris
    October 9th

    In honor of Messenger Appreciation Day I wanted to get this new series started. Essentilly messenger bike checks that will start here in sac and broaden as I make it more places.  I asked my now current dispatcher Micah what to call this series of messenger bike checks and Mighty Steeds is what he blurted out. I liked it and decided it fitting for a series of shitty daily riders used for work…especially since Mica is up first.  Back when I shot these he  had been cruising the streets of Sacramento for a few years as a courier for another company. Now I get to make fun of him bright and every day. Ha. Here’s his Rush Hour that is still his daily rider.

    Frame/Fork: Raleigh Rush Hour
    Stem: Thompson
    Bars: Nitto B123
    Cranks: Sugino Messenger
    Pedals: Crank Bro. Egg Beaters
    Wheels: Velocity Deep V’s
    Seat: Velo


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