• kris
    March 5th

    Was pretty stoked to see Angel swapped his Super Pista for this 2011 Vigorelli. Still one of my my favorite color scheme’s with the black/yellow/red combo. Set up real nice with Thompson bits and some 75’s to move those Ellipses. His daily ride as a messenger here in Sac and a damn nice one. Gallery after the jump!


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    January 31st

    Bringing back the Mighty Steed series for a few more messenger photo sets. Been a while which means a few new dudes working in town like Greg here. He’s got a few different bike (duh) but I caught up with him yesterday on his Cannondale Capo. Rad bike built up proper from the Pr1mato hubs to the Super Toughness chain. Click through for the whole set!


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    October 23rd

    When I first wanted to start a photo series of the messengers in town Brian was the first I talked to. He’s my coworker and one of my good friends yet it took us months to get these together haha. Brian loves this bike and rides it most every day for work and getting around. I know a lot of people might think that setting this P3 up as a street track bike is no beuno. Way I see it is if you like it ride it! I’ve ridden this thing an can tell you that the geo feels pretty awesome on the street especially with that rear wheel tucked in there. There’s a bunch of photos after the jump so check those and peep Travis’ Bareknuckle next.

    Frame: 2005 Cervelo P3
    Fork: Cervelo
    Bars: Truvativ Hussefelt
    Stem: Generic
    Rear Wheel: Eighthinch Julian V3
    Front Wheel: Mavic Ellipse
    Tires: Continental Gatorskins
    Seat: Flite
    Seatpost: Cervelo
    Cranks: FSA Carbon
    Pedals/Straps: Fxation/Lockedcog Sofus Francisco

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    October 9th

    In honor of Messenger Appreciation Day I wanted to get this new series started. Essentilly messenger bike checks that will start here in sac and broaden as I make it more places.  I asked my now current dispatcher Micah what to call this series of messenger bike checks and Mighty Steeds is what he blurted out. I liked it and decided it fitting for a series of shitty daily riders used for work…especially since Mica is up first.  Back when I shot these he  had been cruising the streets of Sacramento for a few years as a courier for another company. Now I get to make fun of him bright and every day. Ha. Here’s his Rush Hour that is still his daily rider.

    Frame/Fork: Raleigh Rush Hour
    Stem: Thompson
    Bars: Nitto B123
    Cranks: Sugino Messenger
    Pedals: Crank Bro. Egg Beaters
    Wheels: Velocity Deep V’s
    Seat: Velo


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