• kris
    November 17th

    This is probably the best thing I’ve seen video wise for fixed freestyle in some time. Matt Reyes showing you that if you don’t know Mike or Andy you’re already blowing it…


    April 13th

    It’s been a bit since something new from the wizard himself Mike Chacon. He’s still mixing in some of that tarck style into his riding with a few hammers in there as well. Pretty big bar to cap it off at one of the more famous LA spots os of late!



    April 23rd

    When you can hook a company like Vans for a collabo you know yo’re doing something right. Leader just launched a whole campaign of rad stuff to be coming from their team up. Peep the website for the series and a cool commercial featuring Mike Chacon. More to come so keep those eyes peeled!




    January 20th

    Mike‘s been out putting in some work around LA. Dope hang 5 shot from a recent shoot atop a high rise helipad. Always doing the most!



    January 13th

    Some solid editing on this Leader flick for their recent grand opening of their Mexico branch. Mike Chacon, Emi Brown and Naoya Imashiro making it that much more official heading to Mexico City for the festivities. Looking like a decent scene down there and some nice places to shred.



    December 24th

    Hold Fast did it first and they continue to do it proper. New signature straps for Mike Chacon looking rad with the space prints. Check Mike’s spot to keep up with him and Hold Fast to swoop!


    December 17th

    Mike Chacon was just down in Mexico handling some business for Leader Mexico. Some cool clilps from his trip at a little demo. Style for days dude.




    December 16th

    Don’t think I’ve seen this before and it looks like its part of a bigger video project…but I do see some familiar track and freestyle heads in here. Sean Martin and Alonso Tal with some little interviews and Mike Chacon throwing in some tricks. Link me if you know more!





    December 5th

    A new video from Mike Chacon is always going to deliver. This time around he mixed it up a bit rolling on his Leader x Undefeated setup for some track shots. Delivers in the second half with some fresh freestyle clips too. Fakie bar to fakie wheel? So good.



    September 27th

    This is too damn perfect for a Friday. BlocBoi continuing his #fixiemusic videos this time featuring Mike Chacon. Some good lines backing this one up from Mike. Gotta’ love it.