• kris
    June 5th

    Mike is back at it on a 20″ these days but still repping Burro proper. Some good stuff in this and stoked to see that some of his FGFS style is transferring to his baby bike. Line at 1:55  is dope with the feeb to oppo feeb and 2:15 is so tech. Dig this.


    January 22nd

    Mike is living well beyond the grave these days it seems ha. Everyone is dropping clips and bits of Dinh here and there. No complaints here. Last two clips are real sick. Jball coming through for sMc.


    January 11th

    Tony K dropped some leftover stuff he had of the now retired Mike Dinh. At this point I’m pretty sure he’ll be popping up here again soon. Dudes got skills and this stuff is from back in August. So good.

    January 2nd

    I’m still not sure what’s really good with all the Mike Dinh stuff but its funny as hell ha. What’s not funny is how solid this edit is. Everything in this is good but from 1:25 on was all fire. That double peg bar ender was sickkkk. Matt delivering yet again with some visual stimulation. Farewell Mike…hope BMX treats you well.


    August 13th

    You know Dave is going to deliver some good photos to the internet and this Mike Dinh shot it prime. Always liked the look of suicide no handers. Something nutty about them with your bars just kind of floating there. Loks like Mike has them dialed!

    July 17th

    Fun one here of Dinh and Musgrave down in the sunny ol’ OC. There’s seriously some of the coolest spots down that way that I’d be stoked to shred. Good clips especially for a little day edit. Little cameo by Jball up in there as well. Dig this one dudes!

    Sunny Day in the OC. from JBall on Vimeo.

    March 29th

    Cool one here from Mike and Christian. Some super dope spots in this and you know there’s good tricks. Is this the return of the footplant 180? Haha. Dig it dudes.

    February 28th

    Here’s Mike’s official welcome to team Burro Bags. Some real sick stuff in this one dude! That last clip in San Jo had me scared…that drop into the water would be brutal haha. Some dope spots in this too. Would have me out on my bike if the weather wasn’t going to shit!

    February 7th

    Lil’ Mike doin it bike for Leader. He’s been killing it lately and has some solid hits in this piece!