• kris
    January 16th

    When you put two names like Mike Giant and Cinelli in the same room you’re bound to get nothing but awesomeness. Sit down with the legendary artist as he chats about his bar collaboration with the Italian bike brand. The bars are rad and you already know this is a good watch…click click!



    November 9th

    These dudes are my favorites. Ha. Seriously though what the dudes at TCB are doing is sick! There’s been talk of starting a business like this here in Sac that hopefully comes to fruition here soon. Check this bit with Chas from TCB Couriers talking about what they do and the sick Mission Map project that illustrated by Mike Giant! Super sick duders.

    March 22nd

    The trailer for this was up last November and i had all but forgotten about the Neighbors series until John refreshed my memory. Full piece on Mr. Giant who i was actually talking about yesterday with friends. Weird. Check it.

    November 29th

    Next up in the series trailers is Mike Giant. Im really liking the way the Neighbors bit is coming together…should be fun to keep following!

    August 13th

    Bikes on Wheels got with Mike Giant to get these custom pieces done for the Bike Film Festival in Toronto. They’ll be auctioned off on the 18th from Mascot coffee with proceeds going to charity. I dig the raw and white one…and them rimsss. Those are below and the rest can be checked at the Bikes on Wheels bloggy. Heads up to my roommate for trying to get me out of bed to show me this haha.

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    April 20th

    The Mishka and Rebel 8 hats and tees popped up last month…now its the crewneck. Prolls posted up this photo and im really earlier and im definitely into it. Snag it here!

    February 10th