• kris
    March 13th

    Turf‘s Mike Schmitt has had some time to settle into his new digs and hit some spots out in Arizona. He’s been stacking clips all over and brings us this gem chock full of rails and ledges. The one handed x-up double is too sick and the fakie double has to be one of the longest I’ve seen. This ones worth a couple clicks!



    December 30th

    Mike Schmitt has been putting in work with Wolfdrawn since his move out to the desert. No doubt that he’s always keeping it creative and bringing fresh ideas to old spots. This feeble is locked in there narrowly avoiding that dreaded pinch and flip…


    April 1st

    Looks like Schmitt and Matt put in some time on this new solo bit for Mike. All kinds of crook combos and some of that creativity we’ve come to expect when he gets down to business. Well worth a couple clicks and a trip to TURF to peep his new signature goods!



    December 8th

    With new projects on the horizon I spent the day cleaning up my desktop a bit to make way for more fun. This shot of Mike Schmitt at Harness the Gnarness a few weeks back was among a few photo/clips I saved from the axe. I’ve got a few more to post up this week but in the meantime keep up with Mike and the rest of the dudes on Turf Bikes!



    June 17th

    Gotta love when the homies hit a milestone like this. It’s been 4 years since Matt and the boys at Wheel Talk started sharing some of the best freestyle content on the web. If you hurry you can swoop one of these tees to celebrate before the limited run of 40 is gone!


    December 23rd

    The Turf dudes coming through with a dope trailer for their upcoming Word Is Bond flick. Good clips in this means a solid full length is on the way. Sprocket stall was too sick and Matt Reyes doing the editing proper as usual. Keep an ear on Turf for more.


    December 16th

    A rad bunch of shots up on Dave Beards spot from a day out filming with Turf. Some dope tricks from dudes and what ended as a gnarly slam form Christian Hamrick. Click over for the goods.




    November 4th

    Dave Beard spent some time with Ramon and Mike Schmitt over the weekend snapping a few photos. The exposure on this rail hop of Mon looks real cool. Hop over for a dope shot of Mike at the park.


    October 31st

    Matt Reyes and Mike Schmitt linked up with Dave Beard for some noodles last night. While out they snapped a couple cool photos of each of them shredding this jersey barrier that looks fun as hell to ride. Always like seeing some holiday themed stuff!


    October 21st

    Just came across the new Turf bikes site and its looking good. A couple navigation links at the top and Mike Schmitt with a dope chainring stall on the home page. Hop over to peep it.