• kris
    November 23rd

    8Bar has easily remained one of the most dedicated fixed criterium teams on the circuit while keeping things equally as fun. What better way to spice up Red Hook Milan than throwing some whip skids in the mountains en route. Races aside this looks too damn fun…


    June 2nd

    While laps were being checked off in Long Beach halfway around the world messengers battled it out at this year’s ECMC. The European Cycle Messenger Champs took to the streets of Milano for the 2015 edition drawing races from all around the globe. A pretty rad set of photos from Giorgio Cordini captured the good stuff including this one of Austin Horse snagging the taking the top spot. Pop over for a bunch more!


    October 17th

    Rad seeing a major brand like Castelli putting out content from this year’s Red Hook Milan. Even better that there’s a real good mix of coverage from all around the race day action .Crazy to think how much the criterium circuit has grown in the past years and hoping it continues!


    October 16th

    An unofficial but definitely awesome look at the Red Hook Milan event. Good mix of angles and footage from all over the race course. Milan looks like it delivered with a solid crowd turnout…Red Hook on another level as usual!