• kris
    June 18th

    Tomorrow the Mini Drome get pumped full of steroids for Red Bull’s Over Under event. The first photos of the actual course make me jealous…peep the whole story here!


    April 22nd

    The Red Bull mini velodrome still claiming victims and creating champions. A recent recap offers a proper look at how the races go down if you haven’t witnessed this insanity first hand!



    October 2nd

    You would think that with how many Mini Drome videos have come out it’d get old. Negative. This is like watching NASCAR. Not that i really enjoy or follow that but I do know that the crashes are one of the gnarliest parts and most frequently replayed. Luckily these dudes aren’t going 200 mph because the Mini Drome bucks you. So many bails in this and some real fast riders. Dig it from Toronto Fixed.

    October 5th

    The Red Bull mini drome videos never disappoint! People are always going down, getting down and cruising around real quick like. Here’s another one from Glasgow.