• kris
    June 25th

    Red Bull upped their official recap from last weekend’s Over/Under Minidrome event in NYC. This is definitely the best look at the raddest Mini event to date with a bit of everything from setup to throwing down. Hoping this thing makes the rounds a bit because I’ll be on the first plane out! Pop over for the full story





    June 24th

    Chances are if you’ve seen coverage from Red Bull’s Over/Under event in NYC last weekend you wish you were there. Red Bull put on a good one here and Leader’s Brian Safa captured captured the night with this proper video report. I’d say this bad boy will be popping up in a few more places so pop over and read up to prep!



    June 16th

    The Red Bull Minidrome is back this year with an even wilder set-up  a la the Over Under. A two story figure 8 replaces the standard oval for what will surely be some wild races (and bails!). You may recognize of the design as similar to the Human Powered Rollercoaster. Some seem to be a bit miffed about it though I’d still like to have a go. If you’re in NYC this Friday roll out for the madness…details here!




    June 29th

    I was bummin’ when I found out about this one so late but Red Bull looks to have done it again with another rad NYC Minidrome event. Riders packed into the Brooklyn Masonic Temple Friday night for some heavy competition on the works smallest velodrome. The Brooklyn Machine Works team took the title led by Austin Horse and clinching the win with teammate Dave Rodebaugh taking the final. Cool to see staple State rider Hernan Montenegro in there taking the second spot. Here’s a handful of images from the night…peep more here!


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    April 5th

    Mindrome events always go off and when you pack a bunch of people around one in Brooklyn you can bet it’d be no different. Looks like  damn good time with the Track or Die dudes right here. Ride and style is about to go off this yearrr.


    March 22nd

    This is tomorrow in NYC and you can bet that this is going to go off. Everything I’ve seen from the Drome events is nothing short of a damn good time. If you’re in NYC get the details here and get get to it.


    February 22nd

    In case you haven’t seen enough of this little guy right here! I still enjoy checking these out. If you’ve had the chance to ride this I’m jealous!

    January 20th

    Ohhh this is a pretty epic bit for Bikes on Wheels. So dig this. Really nice shots, edit, music, angles, colors…blah blah the whole damn thing is well done. Pretty quality production for a bike shop no doubt!

    December 12th

    Some Paris Minidrome action right here. For some reason I like the shots in this even though there’s a lot of stuff in the way. Kind of makes you feel like you’re right there at the event. I can dig this.

    November 30th

    I will forever post these damn Red Bull Minidrome videos because I will forever want to ride this thing. Here’s one from Manchester. You have to admit this thing gets a ton of coverage! Looking fun and as brutal as ever.