• kris
    February 13th

    New stuff from the SFG dudes and the Mishka Korea team. Stoked to see Mishka still supporting fixed like this somewhere. Style in this one for sureee.

    November 8th

    Mishka is still supporting the fixed freestyle life over in Korea and for good reason. When you have a group like SFG out repping you you have to be stoked. Here’s a little piece at that famous Korea bridge spot I’ve always wanted to ride. Looks so fun.

    October 22nd

    This might only be for the peeps out in Taiwan but a video contest is sick regardless of where its at. The Taiwan Mishka DART team is putting this bad boy together and lucky for us there’s there a few things to check at the end. Chromed out bikes are still looking fresh in my eyes. Let’s get an American company to get something like this going!

    October 12th

    I don’t really hit up Youtube too much unless I’m watching Riff Raff videos but lately there seems to be some decent stuff makings its home there. The quick one from Ken has a good mix of spots and tricks in it. Kids progressing well and I still dig that Mishka Bruiser!

    August 15th

    The Miskha bros across the sea dropped this Summer jam for us. Looks like they’ve been putting in some late night work at some local street and skateparks. Dig this.

    July 10th

    Got bored today with about an hour of daylight left so I headed out into my neighborhood to play on the bike. Decided to stay within two blocks of my apartment and film whatever random stuff I could find. These are the kinds of things you hit on the way to the store or coming home from work. I’ve never used my phone to film like this before so that was interesting. Pretty fun end to the day and proof that you can find weird dumb things to ride anywhere.

    Music – J Irvin Dally
    “The Little Ones”


    May 17th

    Ahhh! I’m so stoked for this season from Mishka! Some seriously sick threads that I’ll have to be getting my hands on. Button up are looking way fresh…are are essentially just what I’ve been trying to thrift as of late. Check the teaser video for the Summer 2012 lookbook and get excited! Music in on point dudes.

    May 11th

    I’ve been pretty stoked on the skate sector of the Mishka family as of late. Spencer is laying it down with some super duper sick skating right now. Techy and way creative is hands down my favorite kind of skating. Throw in some good board control and you’ve got a tidbit like this one. Way glad I peeped this on the Mishka Bloglin.

    April 20th

    This dropped yesterday and it’s pretty damn sick! The dudes at Mishka always come through with some good lookbooks…sometimes more safe for work than other haha. I’m really into a lot of the Spring ’12 line but then again I’m always into their fresh goods. The flicks below are more or less safe for work but you might want to wit till you get home to check the whole lookbook ha. Peep some behind the scenes stuff below the flicks and check the whole lookbook here. Stoked to continue repping such a solid brand!

    February 24th

    Brad came to town last night and picked up a new lens and light setup while here. Went out and filmed this stuff in an hour and slapped it together. Nothing cool just some fun messing with the cam and enjoying the awesome weather we’ve been having here in Sac! Working on something legit right now so peep that soon :).

    Word up to Eighthinch, Mishka and iMiNUSD for the continued support!