• kris
    October 14th

    Bike polo is one of those cycling things that never really seems to get old for me. Maybe it’s thinking back to playing when I had my first track bike or the fact that whacking a ball after a couple beers is just too damn satisfying. Whatever the reason this piece from Milwaukee Bike Polo pretty  much nails it. Some rad shots on their home court and a bit of dialogue on polo from the teams captain. For more polo hit 321 Polo.


    On a side note Tuesday means polo in Sacramento…think I’ll have to roll out.



    May 21st

    This is the best fucking bike check ever. Hands downnn. Got it goin’ on fir sure. AJ keeping fixed freestyle fun. Thanks dude :).

    (so many subtle things in this video…peep the tags on the dumpster?)

    January 24th

    In my opinion this was the event that started it all! Before this there really wasnt any fixed trick comps that drew in a great deal of riders from around the country. Perhaps there will be some overseas peeps that pop over this year? Last year was super sick and I cant wait to be back out in MKE for this again…this time without the city being frozen! Haha. Keep up on the MWM website for deets and peep this nice little trailer of photos from last year below…

    August 30th

    Torey always comes up with some of the sickest content…fresh interviews, photos and of course “The Fam”. Most people into the freestyle stuff know Antonyo by now…but why not here a bit about the All City Championships event? Ready go.

    August 6th

    This made its way around today so rather than throw it p with everyone else I figured id wait a bit. If you dont know who Antonyo is you should. Dude is super solid. Kills it on a bike, is down to earth and live a clean lifestyle. Torey interviewed him for Wrahw…check it if you havent yet!

    Heres one of his recent bits…

    July 19th

    Real solid stuff from Milwaukee! Antonyo is one of my favorite riders to watch for sure. Seen on Rollin’Fella before i checked my vimeo.

    June 1st

    I love the community that vimeo creates…if something slips past you or isnt all that easy to track down, you often find it by way of your contacts. I was only able to read about this on twitter while i was gone camping for the weekend and forgot to check it out when i got home. John “liked” it on Vimeo and bam…instant reminder. Some good stuff in this piece!

    December 21st

    Sponsored by the pals at Eighthinch


    The race starts at 4pm at the orange sculpture on Wisconsin and Prospect

    November 23rd

    Noah from Eighthinch shot over the links to these photos of the Cranksgiving event they put together. I think this event is the furthest one from Sac we’ve sponsored…it being in Milwakee. Looks like a damn good time! We’re pretty spoiled out here with the weather. I mean its real cold here…but half naked in an alleycat in Milwakee? Brazen. I dig the shirts…any left to buy?!


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    September 10th

    Sometimes i see things i want to post…but im too lazy at that moment. These autumn shots popped up on Trick Track a couple days ago and alas, im finally getting them up. So clean.

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