• kris
    February 27th

    Ramon Antonio has been putting in work with the TURF crew and with this welcome edit it definitely paid off. Some proper stuff in his first feature capped off with a hell of an ender. It happens to be Mon’s day of birth today so the timing on this couldn’t be better!


    January 8th

    The TURF dudes just brought on long time homie and bay area brethren Ramon Antonio to their already heavy hitting squad. Not much of a better way to debut than with a wild tbog photo snapped the one and only Dave Beard. Hit TURF to keep up on more freestyle goodness!




    September 30th

    Some fresh fixed freestyle stuff from the homie Ramon Antonio and it’s real good. Always a mix of styles coming from Mon and this one’s got the right footplant to grind ratio. Last two clips are the creme de la creme but I liked it the whole way through.



    May 14th

    Looks like Ramon Antonio just got on board with Ireland’s Hell or Win with this welcome edit. Cool clips from all over San Francisco and some brutal riot footage coming together for a full six minutes. Firecracker tap 180 at 1:50 looked ill but pretty sure that last clip takes the cake. For more hit Hell or Win.



    January 11th

    Ramon getting real weird in this one. Riding the beach and some other creative spots keeping in interesting. 180 reverse slider looks wild too.






    December 30th

    New stuff from Mon after his return to his old stomping ground in the bay area. Too many good lines in this one  from the ender at those Oakland rails to some snappy goodness at 3rd and army. Definitely some real progression with this one dude. Look for more from him on here once he remembers his password haha.



    November 7th

    Right around the time Ramon Antonio started contributing on here a bit he put this bad boy together. Some good stuff in here worth sharing again before Thursday comes to an end.



    October 8th

    Mon always brings a different style to his videos that’s real refreshing. He recently moved back to the bay form the northwest and captured his journey back. Some freestyle stuff mixed in with a bunch of lifestyle clips. Looks like some memories made right here.



    June 10th

    I’ve been itching to start the 3:30 series back up for some time now and finally have a few coming in to get it going. First up this time around is lockedcog’s own Ramon Antonio aka Mon. He snagged some clips around Ride and Style just before destroying his wrist on that hefty gapper at the end. Luckily for us he got more than enough for a little afternoon banger and a good start to some new 3:30s. That gap to firecracker at 0:27 is so fucking sick and definitely my favorite clip in this.



    April 9th

    This is a long one from Mon but you know its good! B roll and bails plus a few rad clips mixed in. Slaylors 180 up cab into feeble looks so steezy. Sure we can all relate to smashing you bike into your business lime Ramon did haha. Well worth watching all the way through…good shit dudes! Portland has a solid scene now with the Still Pour dudes that’s for sureee.