• kris
    May 5th

    Bounced around to some spots last week with some of the dudes trying to get some clips. The camera never even made it out of the bag we were having such a good ride. Mondo did manage to snap this double peg of me on his phone from across the street. This spot is so good…be more coming from here no doubt.


    April 10th

    Mondo and I had Monday off last week and decided not to waste the chance to go ride some different shit. We headed out to Davis for the day and got a few tricks and clips out of the day including this tree ride of Armondo. I have a shot that shows the bank leading up to this pine but its not quite in focus…bit I like the colors on this one better anyhowww. Got a good bit of clips of mondo that we should have into an edit here soon so look for that!


    February 15th

    So the three of us (Mondo, Alex and I) have been out filming the past few weeks for a little lockedcog mixtape type thing. Here’s a few screen shots of some of the bits. We’re probably about half way done with this little project so hopefully itll be up in the next week or sooo.