• kris
    July 16th

    I’ve been keeping tabs on the dudes from Velo iBike for some time now and with awesome stuff like this from Bern it’s easy to see why.  A proper message and a cool story on how iBike came into being. Dig the editing on this with a good mix of shots of the the Montreal bike scene. Well worth a watch if you really do love cruising around..


    September 3rd

    This came in from up north over the weekend. Charlie Suave is one of the only dudes shredding a FGFS bike in Montreal and by the looks of it he rides pretty often. Some cool spots and quick snappy lines in a mix of park and street clips. Want to point out that this dude actually pedal sets riding fakie…none of that shitty baby hop bs. Dig the edger line toward the end!