• kris
    September 26th

    Too damn funny and perfect for a Friday…”commute to work, every day is a time trial.”


    May 30th

    Today while out doing runs a random package showed up to my office addressed to “lockedcog”. No idea what was inside I was stoked to see this sweet JBL Clip wireless speaker that is likely here for some testing. Cool little option for when you want to ditch the headphones and not only does it play music but lets you answer calls without touching your phone. Getting to the bottom of what the dealio is on this but for now i’ll be rolling with it. Sound quality is definitely on point so far…more soon!




    December 4th

    Cool video from Trafik to promote the new Sugimon Rex they did up with Boombotix. Includes two faceplates and clips so you can switch it up on a whim. Grab one of these right here.






    November 6th

    Maybe I’m just nerding out a bit much but it’s always cool when fixed freestyle stuff makes it’s way into “non cycling” videos. This music video from Japaneese band  AA= (All Animals are Equal) has some dope clips in the mix throughout. DIg the angle on the tooth over.




    October 20th

    Did some fun stuff this weekend. Checked out Bike Dog brewing here in Sac before a basement show. Oakland to ride with some of the dudes on Saturday. Some mellow Sunday shred with Gnarlos today. Solid weekend for sure.


    September 27th

    This is too damn perfect for a Friday. BlocBoi continuing his #fixiemusic videos this time featuring Mike Chacon. Some good lines backing this one up from Mike. Gotta’ love it.




    March 5th

    After meeting the Revolights dudes at last years SF Bike Expo we kept in touch with plans to work on some stuff together. Over the past month we’ve planned out something pretty cool for yall. However, before that hits the web you have a chance to help the crew be the “Hottest Startup” at this years SXSW. These dudes are dedicated to what they do and they do it well to say the least…that means they deserve your vote. If you’re lucky enough to be hitting Austin this weekend you just might run into ’em. Until then hit the link to cast your vote and check back in the new couple weeks for something pretty rad on hereee.


    February 22nd

    I had a draft of this saved from yesterday after Vince from Unknown was so kind to send over a mixtape as a “special gift just for you. Was too funny. BlocBoy Fame is out of control…all over the fixieverse…BlogBoi Fame more like it.


    February 10th

    Not much to post up today…well…maybe there is but I’m chillin right now listening to this so perhaps later. Been listening to Seatraffic quite a bit lately. Mellow vibes. Video is too sick too.


    January 17th

    Oh hell yeah for an alleycat video. More ride than dancing and a lot of rad looking bikes in here. Pick GT looks so good. Actually this makes Kensington look pretty damn cool too.