• kris
    July 18th

    Sometime bike polo gets real serious.



    August 27th

    There’s been a bit of coverage popping up from this years NAHBPC. Some of the games can run a little long so I’m always stoked to some good highlight reels. This isn’t from the main event (a couple videos from that coming) but this is pretty well done so worth sharing for sure.




    July 30th

    The homies at Eighthinch have long bee supporters of bike polo. Sponsoring events and teams while making polo specific parts like mallets and shafts. They recently covered the NAHBPC in which sponsored team Portland United took fourth. They caught up team member Eric Crandall for a solid video interview about polo and the bikes that the team is riding. The dudes seem to be digging their Scramblers and repping the brand well! It’s no surprise considering how well the polo heads have taken to the Scrambler. I know of at least three people that play regularly here in sac that rock them. Eighthinch stepping up their shooting and editing in this one too!