• kris
    February 8th

    Always into some fresh stuff out of Japan. Marko, Nasty and Hikaru with some solid street riding through Tokyo. Some of this looks familiar but regardless a good rainy day Saturday watch.





    May 25th

    Enishy team just dropped 3 short edits while they were in Tokushima. Featuring 2 of my personal favorite riders and also introducing their new rider, Tatsuta, which after seeing how smooth his first clip was it only made sense!

    May 9th

    Nasty is the man. Dude’s been holding it down forever and videos like this show why. Style and skills like nobody else. Peep ittt.



    August 17th

    This looks like such an epic road trip! Some of the Japanese shredders headed to Shikaze and made one of the sickest trip edits I’ve seen. Looks like a blast with a bunch of sick spots, some shenanigans and a lot of cool scenery. Its a little long but definitely entertaining throughout. To me this is the kind of stuff that riding bikes is all about!

    March 16th

    Super chill vibes in this. Nasty with some sick fixed tricks and Massan with some fresh big BMX. That rail shot and slider are way fresh!

    June 1st

    Style and steeze from Mr. Nasty…more SKYLMT please.

    August 16th

    This is definitely one of the best edited bits as of late. Proper intro and some fitting music along with Nasty’s bag of tricks make this thing proper! I love cab 5’s and those cabs off stuff are legit…not to mention all the damn spots in this thing are way fresh.

    July 6th

    Nasty is everywhere! Caught this bit on him over at John’s

    July 4th

    So smooth!

    June 29th

    John posted up these nice short pieces of Nasty earlier. That first one is so0ooo sick! The 360s are real solid as well….just digging the creativity in that line.

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