• kris
    April 7th

    So some of yall probably remember this bike and when it was stolen. It’s been almost a year and a half and someone was rolling around on it yesterday. Won’t say where he was spotted or who saw him but the guy said he picked it up at a pawn shop for $180. Was running clipless pedals and had a Schwinn sticker on the front of it haha. After all the BS over this bike (some of you know whats up) and how long ago it was should I confront the guy and take it back or let it go? I wasn’t the one who saw him and don’t know if I will but multiple people confirmed seeing this long lost ride.

    December 26th

    A chance to grab a one off Nem-Pro triple triangle…get it on the bay.


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    December 24th

    Carl and Dennis had their bikes hand delivered by brad of Nemesis Project a couple days ago…looking real good. Ill still be doing a review/write up of brads build process…the bike being nabbed just kind of put that on hold for a second. Look for that soon!


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    December 17th

    Aside from being busy with trackfighter builds, Brad whipped this little bike together for Bradley, one of the Sac locals, six year old kid to beat around on. Thing came out way solid!

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    December 4th




    It looks just like this but with:

    – Brand New White Julians.
    – Brand New BMX Cranks (black and look like profles)


    – Nemesis Project Trackfighter. (custom built to my measurments so it wont fit too many people)
    – Profile Imperial Sprocket.
    – Purple Nem Pro Risers.
    – White Mirra Grips.
    – White Avoset USA Seat (same as a turbo)
    – Specialized Stem
    – Chrome Landing Gear Fork.

    Im so fucking pissed right now. The bike was taken literally off my porch. Ran inside for 5 minutes and came back out to have it gone. Two of my friends bikes were still there untouched. In order to pick it up youd have to walk though a gate and past my door so im thinking it may have been someone visiting one of the other units in my building. We leave our bikes outside my door all the time while we use the toilet and such. 5 fucking minutes! Most of this shit is brand new…just put the wheels and cranks on last night. Please please please be on the look out for it. Ill give someone a gift if they can track it down. At the moment I dont even have enough stuff to put a bike together. Ill be walking for a minute.

    Email me at kris@lockedcog.com if you happen across anything. Or call me at 916-20seven-6two00.

    November 22nd

    Heres a shot of the first Nemesis Project TrackFighter build. Brad asked me a while back to follow him through the process of what it takes to build a bike by hand…snapping some photos and taking in info along the way. I ran it by the guys at Eighthinch and they were more than down with me helping support a local frame builder and alas…this bike was born. Im going to be dinking around on it here and there in the coming weeks to see how it feels and will post a sort of “mini review” along with the build process. Stay posted for that!

    …and before anyone says anything…the steerer on the fork is sticking out above the stem so much because it fits my scrambler better with it long. Hopefully that will head off any inappropriate jokes ;). Haha.


    November 12th

    hop bar.

    180 hop bar.
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    November 5th

    Brads frame was sent out a bit back from Noah at Eighthinch…and he’s now had plenty of time to wreak havoc on it. Heres what he ended up with after his “personal touches.”

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    September 16th

    Back at it after a long summer…Brad from Nemesis Project has these three custom handbuilt track frame variations up for grabs. Whew, awkwardly worded sentence. Being a local Sacramentan and having done some fork mods for me, not to mention the trips to Rubicon, ive seen quite a bit of his work. Hand built and meticulously crafted, his bikes come out looking pretty dang clean. So if you’re looking for something a little more personal and have the change to spare, peep the goods he has to offer.


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    August 12th

    Address of locations and prizes to be posted…when its set!

    Brought to you by…

    Leader Bikes
    Lucky Lefty’s
    Nemesis Project
    Ikon Cycles
    Sub Q Body Piercing
    Trick Track

    Tentative times…

    Trick Comp:
    – Practice 4:30pm (or early if you so choose ;0)
    – Jam Session 5:00pm (all competitors)
    – Final 3 Jam 5:30 pm (top three for placing)

    Mini Cat
    – 6:30 (start at the trick comp location)

    – 8:30…im sure we’ll be done earlier…its a “mini”cat…feel free to show up whenever. find your own food. ha! beverages will be provided…contributing would be swell though :).