September 30th

You may have noticed that I’m posting on a Sunday which is a bit weird. I even took a break from being lazy to posting something yesterday. This will be pretty regular with the launch of lockedcog 2.0 tonight so get used to it. I’m going offline for a bit to let the databases sync and migrate for the new site. Here’s a few screen grabs for ya to hold you over. Soooo stoked for the new site so check back a little later for the real deal!

January 24th

Pake is coming out with a revamp to its track frame. They are going to a 1 1/8″ head tube with 6 new colors, Light Pink, Light Blue, Purple, Lime Green, Brown, Safety Orange. Look for the new frames to be out in about a month.

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December 3rd


pointed out by pedalconsumption.com

November 11th


If you haven’t heard iMiNUSD you have either been living in a cave in Afghanistan or you don’t use the internet. They have had by far the craziest bikes at there shop (look below). If you are at all close you need to come by on the 21st, I’m sure there will be some nutty stuff going down.

Carzy stuff at the iMiNUSD Boutique
iMiNUSD and a Specialized S-Works TTR

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September 4th

Looks like another turbo rip off. That may sound like i don’t like all the turbo rips offs out there, but I do.

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