• kris
    November 26th

    A little too soon for another collabo from the homies at God & Famous but never too soon for rad news. Stoked to see they’re going to be stoked by the one and only City Grounds. They sure move a lot of quality product so this is a dope one for G&F. Should mean they’ll be carrying our collabo once that hits…stoked!





    June 22nd

    It’s been a few days since I last up on Maca and they just dished out these two goodies for us. Dig the In the News vibe. Good stuff.

    September 2nd

    In an announcement posted by Volume today the launching of a new component brand Resist was announced. This is going to be Volumes outlet for fixed, 26″ and apparently commuter parts in an effort to keep the Volume branding minimal. The Resist site is live but with nothing other than the logo below above. Here’s what went up on the Volume site:

    Some of you guys probably are wondering what the hell happened to the Volume Stamp sprockets we showed samples of awhile back. Volume started to make too many parts that we swore Volume would never do, Volume was always to be a frame, fork and bar company. We decided to start a new parts brand, Resist Parts. Resist will focus on parts for fixed, 26” and our new line of commuter bikes. It’s endless on what the possibilities are for Resist. The natural progression of Volume in making new lines of frames, Resist will always be able to supply the parts.
    We’ll have more info on the Resist Parts site on what will be available. Production of parts will be available Oct. Stay tuned!”

    The once Volume splined sprockets have now become these pretty Resist pieces…


    July 2nd

    I laughed at this…might be terrible…but think about this. Dude comes up, takes purse, hands wallet back to girl, demands money, settles for a dollar, steals her soul with a kiss and rides off into the night. Batman? Story from the Mercury News.

    May 19th

    Ive been seeing these thing pop up lately…most recently the one in Riverpark. I cruise by it everyday on my way to class and was a bit interested to know the story behind what happened. Ironically I got an email yesterday about it…check the Bee article for the story! Thanks to Stephen Crew for the heads up.

    September 8th

    August 2nd

    This little piece popped up on the local news here in sacramento…

    Fixed Gear Bikes Pick Up Speed.

    Theres a video in the right corner after you click the link with the story. As is common with news stories here, there are a bunch of flaws. Most notable was the “fixies are illegal” bit. If a second of time was spent reading even the first line of their story theyd have stated the fact that it’s bikes with no brakes that are illegal, not fixed gear/track bikes. Granted, most of us here dont run brakes, especially if into doing tricks but we dont fly through traffic either. Im sure im going to hear that my bike is illegal numerous times as i troll about town these days.

    Then theres the “fast intimidating” statement. There are plenty of jersey clad roadies here, i ride road bikes as well thus not my point, that blow past me on my way to work. Hell, there are people on beat ass mountain bikes that feel the need to come up on you randomly here in the city. To say its “fixed gears” and that they’re “intimidating” is just stupid. I wave at the most random people all the time! Haha. And really? You come around a corner and see someone you couldn’t see before? Hello, most people dont have x-ray vision…surprising..nor do they check their mirrors. You cant honestly say that when people have cyclists “come out of nowhere” they immediately note what type of bicycle they are riding.

    Alsooo, the weaving and blowing lights? True. Some people feel the need to do this…though its across the board. Beach cruisers and mountain bikes alike. If you want to crack down on some hazards how about the side by side beach cruisers riding the wrong way on the sidewalk?

    Bringing this all together? This isnt something new. Its been the law for years. Nothings changed. Tickets have been going around for some time now. Impounding though? Most of us choose not to drive…but we should still be warranted “fix it” tickets. You dont get your car impounded for no headlights, tail lights, proof of insurance or lack of registration.

    The Sillegy touch is nice though…maybe people will be expecting to us on see 20” tall bikes :).