• kris
    October 6th

    Chris sent over this trailer for No Cassettes 2 this morning featuring Eugene Hood. You probably remember him if you’ve seen the first video…well he back to smashin’ the city for the upcoming release. Im sure Chris will have a solid lineup for the second video as well so itll be well worth the watch.

    March 29th

    And dont forget the world premiere next weekend…who’s going to be there?!

    March 9th

    The Revoked website is now live…through which you can snag a preorder of the video before its premiere at the Downtown Showdown.

    and in case you missed Chris’ last motion picture…and have been under some sort of geologic structure…hes been uploading the video to his Vimeo piece by piece. A few of the bits are below with the rest on the Vim.
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    December 29th

    A little promo piece chris just put up for no cassettes…if you dont have the dvd grab it here.

    December 17th

    Peep the new website for Fonseca Films/No Cassettes…pretty pleasing to look at i must say.


    September 10th

    August 14th

    Another video from the event last weekend!

    August 10th

    Foooot plant.

    August 9th

    Yesterday was way sick! Headed out to the city in the morning…shot a few clips in Berkley, ate some food and ended up at the island for the trick comp. Only saw a little bit of it toward the end, thanks to the SF Giants >:/, but still saw some cool stuff go down. Rode the bike for a bit and surprise…folded my fork. Lame. Rode over to Sports Basement to get some stuff, shot some pics on the way:


    Stopped by Whizz Burger to grab some grub:


    Then off to the premiere. Video was sick for sure…Henry and Ferrer had my favorite parts though the whole video came together quite nicely. A good mix of tricks, riding and some funny shit! Music choice was good, including some coincidentally familiar tunes haha. Loved some of the spot choices…they just looked theyd be awesome to ride. Nice to see a good amount of Sac footage as well. Verdict is: If you like videos of people riding bikes, you’ll like No Cassettes!

    oh…and won a tire in the raffle. Whooo. Heres the pics…video soon.



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    August 7th

    Along with the SF No Cassettes premiere is this little guy…