• kris
    June 5th

    Omar is one of my favorite youngins to watch shred. Kids got skills like that hefty bar in the intro and style enough to get lines like that techy one at the end. Matt got to cruise around with him for a few days over spring break to film this bit right here and it definitely came out solid. Stoked for him to be cruising with some of the best over at Wheel Talk. Dig it.


    February 24th

    I’m putting together JBall’s 3:30 for tomorrow right now which happens to have been filmed be one of the OC kids Omar Sebai. They got some dope stuff that’ll be up tomorrow. I just came across these flicks of some of the other young dudes down there. Pretty rad shots out of a loading bump. Kids putting in work these days.




    February 5th

    I first met Jball at the Epic Comp late last year and was way stoked on his riding. I’d posted up his edits and photos before but had never seen him ride with my own two eyeballs. I was impressed.And he won. He’s been putting out all sorts of solid stuff lately and really seems to have a damn good time on his bike. I hit him up about picking his brain a bitand he was more than happy to oblige. Hell he sent me some dope photos the next day (shouts to Omar Sebai!). Anywho, this is 11 questions with Jay Ball aka Jball…



    1. You know the drill…ASL? Haha. Really though name, age, locale and years riding…all that biz.


    JB: My name is Johnathan Ball, pretty much everybody I know calls me JBall though, 17 years old, currently residing in the good old OC, and been riding those bikes that don’t stop pedaling coming up on 4 years now.



    2. Pretty sure people were surprised and equally stoked to see you take EPIC comp. How’d you feel about that?


    I was probably just as surprised as everyone else. This being one of my first Pro comps I didnt think Id match up against all the bigger dudes there, haha. Definitely stoked when my name was called.



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    September 24th

    This is literally what I do when I go ride alone most of the time. Little manny pad seshes are always fun and a good way to get some bike control down while playing with new things. Omar bringing us a good mix of stuff in this one at a super fun looking pad spot.

    September 6th

    Kind of late but heres Omar’s submission for the Machete quick clip contest and its a damn decent one. Kids got quick snappy lines and a good variety of stuff in this. That park at 0:23 is nuts! Good stuff.