• kris
    July 30th

    Matt upped the latest edition of KVLT KLIPS on Friday and it came out really sick. Lots of jibbing, stalls and techy linked lines in this one from the crew. Wire stall was sick from Antonyo as were all the wheelie and grind combos. Stoked these are still coming dudes!

    July 5th

    Torey and Oscar laying it down in a quick one for BB17. Good stuff in this one at a real fun looking park. Tbog off the roller and that long nosie are cleannn. Good stuff dudes!

    May 1st

    Having been doing anything for some time you end up running into the same people quite a lot. Naturally you have conversations, start friendships and swap stories with a bunch of like minded peeps. When events like Ride N’ Style go down just about everyone shows up and mingles. Stoked that there were smiles and good attitudes all around. Here’s just a few of the fun flicks of friends that I happened to snag…seeing all the dudes is what events are all about! Fun stuff.

    This shot of Combs in zen mode prepping for the comp while Kareem keeps him company is probably my favorite of these haha.

    Nick and Jensen piggy backin’.

    A hate mail inspired hello from Jakob ;).

    You know the OGs…be on the lookout for something fresh from Fonseca this year ;).

    Pro blogger Prollster always smiling…

    …and hard at work.

    Matt snapping a photo of me snapping a photo of him.

    Oscar’s “make a blog about me” pose…

    …before he had an accident.

    Grime dudes Wonka and Mike dancing and chillin’ like you know they do.

    April 23rd

    Yesss! This is such a sick welcome edit from Oscar for BB17 and Spike. Intro just might be the best ever. Hahaha. Some really cool stuff in here as to be expected from Oscar and the Ninjacats crew. I’ve been wanting to do those natas spins for a while…look so sick. Too much good stuff in here so you just have to check it if you haven’t yet!

    April 5th

    Torey tossed up this super dope shot of Oscar from Greg Falski yesterday. Always dig what’s on the Wrahw spot. Seriously a super fresh trick right here and on a pretty high rail. Way into this flick!

    February 29th

    Ninja Cats got some fresh goods for yall! Grab some tees in their online store…you know you need some kitten stickers! Look for the new series Ironing With Oscar coming this fall.

    Peep this sick jammer that I missed a couple days ago too…so good!

    September 21st

    Fun stuff from the Ninja Cats crew…with Skrillex?! Haha sick. Su much good in the video From First to Last. Hehe.

    August 15th

    Oscar’s been shredding for Wrahw for a while now…getting down hard! Here’s his welcome edit that Torey shot over. He’s got one of the most unique and rad styles around. I’m stoked on the footsplants as im sure you can guess…especially the tbog footplants. I’ve been getting int those lately so I’m pumped to see one in an edit! Fish gap bar is big toooo. Wish I could have rode with him a bit here in the states. Definitely looks like he had fun. This is oh so good!

    August 2nd

    This is so perfect haha. Oscar Kahn and Matt Spencer bringing some funny stuff for us. I love it.

    July 25th

    This is too good. Its been everywhere. But I’m posting it. Watch it again.