• kris
    November 1st

    Newest KVLT KLIPS form Matt over at Wolfdrawn. Entertaining as usual with clips from a few of the dudes down south. Nollie 3 at the beginning looked dialed.



    August 22nd

    Packy definitely kills it in this Balhogs edit. He tried to keep it creative in this one and with clips like those last two I’d say he nailed it.



    June 24th

    Matt upped this fun park edit Saturday from a recent trip he made with Packy and Corey. No bueno going to ride a spot that’s been ripped out but they definitely made the best of it with this. Dig it.



    March 22nd

    Holy shit Pack brings it in this one for sure! So many good clips and lines in this all with his smooth style. Dig that line at :48 and the 180 feeb one the rail is super good. Watch this one a few times. Dude is progressing real fast.


    February 24th

    I’m putting together JBall’s 3:30 for tomorrow right now which happens to have been filmed be one of the OC kids Omar Sebai. They got some dope stuff that’ll be up tomorrow. I just came across these flicks of some of the other young dudes down there. Pretty rad shots out of a loading bump. Kids putting in work these days.




    August 27th

    This is a real good one from Packy! Looks like he’s making the switch to 26s so he upped what he had from his seven hundos. Super smooth style as usual with some sick bit in here. Check that curved wheelie 180. Too good.

    May 4th

    Packy has been progressing like crazy! This one right here shows he’s going to be around for a bit. Clean lines and sick tricks in this one duder.