• kris
    March 19th

    Here it is…the full version of the trailer that i posted a couple days ago. Get a little insight into what goes down at Ube’s Ice Cream Shop. Im more of a hand can in the alley kind of guy…but his stuff is coming out looking professional. This looks to be an entertaining series so keep up on it!

    March 16th

    Matthew Taylor did this piece for the A Beautiful Machine event in Bristol. From what im gathering this is going to be something pretty awesome. Art, auction, rides, talk…a festival of sorts. More info below and on the Beautiful Machine bloggg. Peep some of Matthew’s other stuff if you havent already…its quality.

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    December 29th

    This has a mellow feel to it…

    November 3rd


    Painted by Dustin at Cadence. They look cool but now sure how they would look on a bike.

    August 14th

    This stuff from Taliah Lempert popped up on Blue Lug so i figured…why not post some of Taliah’s other work? Paintings, screens, shirts, hats…all kinds of art. If you’ve never seen any of her stuff head on over to bicyclepaintings to check it out…some really great pieces.


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