• kris
    November 9th

    So this is a little video from that recent TOLA premiere at Palms I’ve been posting photos from. Jonah Kessel, Antonyo and Mckeag throw some stuff in the second half. Not that high quality but Antonyo”s ice on the couch is sick.

    November 6th

    Traffik upped some flicks from a little Palms get together and I spotted a familiar face or two in there. This shot of Antonyo with a little tight squeeze nose stall  action is dope. Have to say he’s probably got these and footy jams better than anyone in the game. That palm tree in the background caps the California vibe for sure. Dig that couch ice too. Such a good angle! Dig it.

    April 20th

    Spotted this on Pedal Consumption this morning…needs to keep making the rounds. So much good from the Palms Cycle crew! Good one to watch before hitting the streets this weekend. Weather is going to be so nice!