• kris
    December 8th

    Sit down with Cadence creator Dustin Klein as he talks on the history of the brands iconic cycling denim. Inspired by street experience the streets and refined over the years the current offerings are the creme de la creme of bike worthy jeans. I love progression shrot from “then” to “now” and there’s certainly all the info you need if you’re looking for a new pair of knickers. Swoop!


    May 8th

    Beyond 3M reflective inks and cooling vents you have perhaps the most crucial bit of cycling apparel…bottoms. Chrome has been adding all sorts of ride inspired gear to their soft goods as of late but nothing as cool as the Folsom. They went beyond making their new pants (and shorts) look like they belong on a bike to making them FEEL like they’re meant for the saddle…click through for the breakdown.




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    March 11th

    Chrome definitely keeps the ball rolling! Their new Folsom pants and shorts expand their extensive clothing line to include a complete urban cycling bottom. Sealed seems and 3XDry material keeps things from getting too moist while reinforced seems hold everything together. Click through to the Folsom page for all the details and check back here for a little “Testing Testing” action…

    January 8th

    Not much worse than having to ride around all day in wet pants chaffing you nethers. Makers and Riders just dropped these weatherproof trousers that are sure to keep the wet out. Rather than sticking with the typical shell construction these dudes went above and beyond to check construction and breathability. End result is a pant that can be worn most of the year, looks good and most importantly keeps you dry. Click through for details and hit their store to swoop!



    Waterproof technology has remained about the same since the very first hard shell. Breathability is achieved through diffusion: moisture and heat create enough pressure that moisture vapor finally passes through the fabric. Soft shells trade waterproofness for greater breathability by making use of convection: a constant exchange of air allows more moisture vapor to escape. The airflow in conventional waterproof / breathables is close to zero whether you’re active or not. Breathability claims for these fabrics are typically based on static testing conditions so the second you walk outside, the claims are irrelevant. A more accurate measure of breathability is found with Dynamic Breathability Testing which accounts for real world conditions like wind and movement.
    5-pocket design for safely storing your mobile devices, debauchery, and cards
    Trouser style welts in rear and dress suit front pockets with internal hand pockets
    Our exclusive designed Gull Wing Gusseted crotch for more freedom of movement
    Purpose Aggressive Gripper waistband for non-slipping performance
    Anti-Sprocket leg openings (7” inch openings)
    Deep pocket bags for safer storage
    Pocket Bags are self-cleaning, feature a Wicked Dry Management System, 3M Scotch Guard and anti-odor resistant properties

    August 24th

    A newer addition to the cycling specific apparel…targeted at fixed gear/urban cyclists. Honestly these things dont look too bad. Slightly “nicer” than the Levis i thrown on every day with the zippered pockets, ulock loops and leg straps for keeping you pant bite mark free (though ive never had this probelm myself). They are a good deal more expensive though the comfort of the stretch material, antibacterial cloth and odor resistance (oh yesss) might make these something youll want.


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