• kris
    January 9th

    This year’s Cycle Messenger World Champs will be taking over the streets in the City of Light. Come August messengers from around the world will descend on Paris for the 24th annual gathering of couriers. If you’re headed that way lucky you but if no keep up on ParisCMWC for updates!



    November 18th

    The 300 mile ride from Paris to London is nothing groundbreaking but looks fun as ever with the Barcelona On Bikes crew. They knock it out in style here as they get the ball rolling on their newly formed project. Check them out to stay in the loop as the adventures continue!


    October 21st

    When you love nothing more than riding few jobs fit the bill as well as being a bike messenger. Fuego, a 37 year ole Parisian messenger, embodies this more than most as he traverses the capitol city day in and out. Not sure how “waterproof” a pair of vans can be but I’d be lying if I said this didn’t get me wanting to test out some of the MTN editions this season. Some great visuals from around Paris no matter what!


    August 20th

    Fixed Beer Rotterdam spent four days making the trek from Rotterdam to Paris sipping brews along the way. Can’t imagine landing at the foot of the Eiffel Tower after a few hundred miles on the track bike!



    September 10th

    I’ve always been a fan of what the dudes at Rock’N”Rollin are doing and usually get some stuff posted up. For some reason I’ve long been drawn to french stuff even taking 4 years of the language in school. As a thanks for support Francois from the crew sent me over a little care package. Not usually one to wear cycling caps since they look funny but I put this thing on as soon as i got it and rolled around for work. Dig the shirt a ton too which has already been through the wash once. Thanks again man!

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    August 3rd

    Looks like this one slipped through quite a few places but it definitely should go up. I remember being pretty stoked when I saw that Soundtrack was having a custom frame built for them by Clande. Looks like Thibs got to be the one to ride the beast and they dropped us this bike check to show us what’s up. This frame reminds me a few designs that were floating around during the creation of the first fixed freestyle specific frames. Also has a similar look to the Starfucker and SE Quadangle at the downtube. Pretty unique design none the less so its sick to see!

    May 15th

    Saw some flicks of this a few days ago but I had no idea how massive this ride was. I don’t think I’ve an any urban cycling ride this big in forever. Seriously a group to be reckoned with on the streets I’m sure haha. Looks like a damn good time! Check more flicks on STphotographie’s flickr. Lotsss of bikes, vintage clothes and sunny skies. Sure this was a blast.

    March 19th

    Here’s another solid video of the Pegless Jam coming from Soundtrack. Looks like everyone was going off and having a good time at this. This one had some time put into it no doubt…fresh stuff and sick editing. Makes me stoked for Midwest Mayhem!

    March 14th

    Some of this was in the Ninja Cats bit that I posted but man is there more to be seen. In its fifth installment the Pegless Jam looks like a damn good time. That 180 in the beginning is looking pretty massive and Sols hop over is pretty epic still. Check this one if you haven’t!

    December 12th

    Some Paris Minidrome action right here. For some reason I like the shots in this even though there’s a lot of stuff in the way. Kind of makes you feel like you’re right there at the event. I can dig this.