• kris
    May 13th

    If you’ve been waiting for the new Leader Kageros to hit home base they’ve arrived! Pedal Consumption has the most recent take on the Kagero stocked and ready to ship. Pop over for more photos and all the deets!




    July 23rd

    Always cool to see good people come together time and again for some dope collabos. Ass Savers has come a long way since their first “mudguards” and now have a sweet team up on their V3 with the homies at Pedal Consumption. Swoop here!


    February 17th

    Haven’t seen some new threads from Pedal Consumption for some time and these are pretty rad. Unicorn skeleton looking pretty metal with PC name floating above. Swoop one here!


    January 6th

    The Pedal Consumption collabos with Leader always seem to do really well. No surprise when they’re cranking out awesome looking frames like the new Renovatio. 7005 double butted aluminum and killer geo whether you’re hitting the track or cutting through traffic. Swoop here!





    October 8th

    Today was the web premiere of the Pedal Hard NoCoast video over on PC. Got to see this at the premiere here in Sac and definitely liked it. These dudes took on a pretty epic journey for this last year and I know 2014 is going to up the ante. Good shit dudes!



    June 25th

    Partick posted up a preview of the newest offering from Pedal Consumption and long time collaborator Leader. The Renovatio will be available this fall and looks to be the nicest frame from the team up yet. More here!


    May 8th

    Speaking of collabos here’s one that’s sure to take off. Ass Savers are probably one of the best rain accessories on the market right now and teaming up with PC is always a good move. Be a smart ass and grab one hereee.



    March 22nd

    This kind of stuff gets me when I come across it and I can’t help but share it. Brenton Salo‘s good friend Arron could use the help of some fellow cyclists. Hit his website here directly to find out more and shouts to Pedal Consumption for getting on this too.


    December 31st

    One thing that I’ve always stood behind is supporting the bike blog circle. Linking back, posting others content and letting yall know whats new with everyone else. That being said hit up Pedal Consumption to peep the freshly unpacked website Patrick has been working on. Looks good dude!

    October 4th

    From what I can tell Patrick made it out to shoot some flicks of the Still Pour crew yesterday. He snagged some good shots of Mon and Devin Tollman with a super fall vibe. I see a hoody and some low glowing sunlight. Fall is here. Check the PC flicky for more!