• kris
    December 16th

    PEONFX has been stepping up their game big time with cool stuff like these. Custom wall racks are nothing new but these ones look pretty dialed with a clean finish.



    November 26th

    The 5th Floor continues adding to their growing line of solid products with this PeonFx collab. It feel like winter just descended on us here in Nothern California the past week or so…I can hardly imagine how cold it is across the pond. The Munsun Jacket looks cozy as hell and well able to thwart off the chill. Swoop here!



    July 10th

    PEONFX continuing to bring some quality products with the upcoming collabo with Pias. A couple previews below and pre order page here for you to drop some coins. Pretty wild colors here but it definitely works well. These officially drop August 10th!





    January 10th

    PEONFX keeping the goods coming with these watermelon water bottles. Pretty good design idea if i do say so. Check ’em here if you’re looking to stay hydrated.

    November 23rd

    Dig this little spot for Peonfx from Faz. Mellow and to the point. Faz always comes in with some fresh vids.