• kris
    December 6th

    There’s a fresh bike check up on Wheel Talk right now of Matt’s PFix. He and I have a similar taste in bike cosmetics in that a bike always looks better broken in. Scratches, spray paint, hints of rust…it all makes your bike look well ridden. His PFix has the trippy color with all the signs of being used and abuse but still rolling strong. Check that here.

    September 24th

    Back to the wall Anthony’s bike shots were done at for some flicks of Matt‘s bike. If anyone deserves credit for being the most involved in the creation of the Pfix its gotta be Matt. Still pushing it and repping them solid with this dusty blue build he’s been rocking. Love it when whip end up looking beat like this…reminds me of my last butcher color and all. Looking good dude!

    January 4th

    Little late on this but if you’ve been wanting a Pfix but don’t have the cash to grab one here’s your chance. Jump on Wheel Talk and leave them a comment stating why you need this beast…if they pick it you win! Definitely worth a shot. Do it.

    July 18th

    Looks like much anticipated P.Fix is up on the Specialized site now. Kids have been waiting to get their grubby hands on these things for months. Seems to have a pushed back release date of early 2010 rather than this summer as promised. Regardless this thing will be worth the wait. Caught this on Slummy’s twitter

    * Butted, single-speed-specific, Reynolds 520 Cr-Mo frame with integrated headset, MID BB, and 3D-forged horizontal dropouts with integrated chain tensioner has perfectly dialed geos for fixed-gear freestyle
    * P. Series butted and tapered Cr-Mo rigid fork is light, but strong enough to handle heavy abuse
    * 36-spoke, double-walled, 26″ P. FIX wheelset and cartridge bearings are built to withstand endless abuse
    * Ride dirt, park, or street on the Specialized Compound Control tires, with dual-compound traction, low rolling resistance, and rounded profile
    * BMX style, 3-piece tubular, spline drive Cr-Mo crankset is strong and light to boost with confidence; singlespeed 25t chainring resists and delivers the clearance you need
    * Press-in MID BB is light, durable, and easy to service
    * SBC lightweight plastic platform pedals and retention straps
    * New-school 720mm butted, heat-treated Cr-Mo handlebar w/drop-type front-load forged stem
    * BMX-style flange grips with endplug
    * One-piece, 10t cog is convertible between a fixed gear or freewheel setup
    * Super-light and durable one-piece saddle/post combo can take a serious beating